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In my Fluid Dynamics series, I seek to collaborate with the dynamics of Nature via the hydraulics of paint and the “spring coefficient” of my brushes. Ever since discovering that polyurethane foam brushes can drag and release paint in passages and patterns of microcosmic complexity, I have sought to exploit these effects. Working with custom-fabricated brushes, I can pivot mid-stroke without ever losing contact with the surface, recording on a two-dimensional surface a reorientation that actually took place in three dimensions. The artifact of this event can seem to bend pictorial space.

Art for me is a quest to achieve the illusion of dimensionality. I try to coax presences into being that seem to either inhabit a depth or rise proud off the surface. Whether I am doing work that is gestural or geometric, studio or digital, black-and-white or color, my goal is to open up space, to make two dimensions appear to be three—all the better for the viewer to be lost in. For when one's focus is fully absorbed in an otherness, perception becomes the narrative.



Work from this series can be seen:

• At the Peirogi Gallery in Brooklyn

• As part of the Drawing Center's Viewing Program:



Patterns in Design, Art and Architecture Book Published 2005/2006

Amica Magazine April 2005

Frame Magazine Sept/Oct 2004

Surface Magazine April 2004